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As an immigrant in Norway, I've found the process of applying for a job extremely frustrating. At one point, I was applying for 100 different positions. 90% of the times I never received a reply regarding the outcome of the application process. A recent research by Copenhagen Business School and Stockholm School of Economics shows that companies do not trust the qualifications, skills and experience that foreign applicants present on their CVs or resumes. The hiring biases extend beyond ethnicity to age and gender. After researching and talking to nearly 60 hiring managers, I've found that the problem is equally frustrating for them: time consuming to screen applications, and not having enough time and overview to provide feedback to all the candidates. This is how propL was born: to make hiring process effective for companies and fair and engaging for candidates.

Mai, Founder & CEO

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We are a team with a strong passion for diversity, equity and inclusion and experience in organizational psychology, product development and technology.

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Mai Phan

CEO & Founder

Mai is a second-time entrepreneur with a passion for social impact and sustainability. She has a background in strategy, business and product development as well as DNV certification for recruiting personnel. A mom, wife, daughter and sister who enjoys spending her free time with her family going for a long walk, watching movies and testing new food recipes.

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Finn Erik Solvang

Business Strategist

Finn is a serial entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience in startup, disruptive business models, digital platforms, deep tech, circular products and business innovation for the circular economy. When not at work, Finn is most likely up in the mountains hiking or trout fishing with his dog Charlie.

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Malte Runge

Organizational Psychologist

Malte is an organizational psychologist and associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University. He is interested research methods more generally and psychometrics specifically, and studies motivation, personality, leadership, and team processes. When he is not working, he spends time with his kids and learns flamenco guitar.

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Trung Duy Nguyen

Data Scientist

Trung has several years of professional experience in Data Science and Engineering, who develops and designs complex Data & AI system. He is deeply passionate with Nordic landscapes, and he usually spend his spare time exploring fjords and mountains.

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Jennifer Milleza

Controller & HSE

Jennifer has several years of experience managing SMBs and startups, and is currently working with HR, Admin and accounting for Valunor AS, a scale up working in the circular tech industry. In her free time she enjoys working out and spending quality time with her family.