How our process works for you as a hiring manager


Define tasks, skills and qualifications that are relevant for the role you are hiring


Include simulations in your application process


Get an overview of all the applicants and their performance from the simulations

We help you


Save time

Save time from screening all the applications. We filter out candidates that do not meet hard requirements such as language proficiency or work permit.


Attract the best candidates

Our process shows the most motivated and qualified candidates are the ones performing best in the work-related evaluation tasks.


Provide individualized feedback

94% of the job applicants have negative experience about a company when they do not hear back after they apply. We’ve got you covered by providing you with an automated tool to give candidates individualized feedback.


Strengthen employer branding

Stand out in the competitive job market by providing candidates an innovative, engaging and refreshing selection process.

What candidates say

Nearly 100 candidates have applied for jobs using our process

“I really enjoyed the process which was new in its own kind.”


enjoyed working on tasks as a part of the screening process.


considered the hiring company to be innovative and progressive by using an unconventional application process.

“The process has really saved us time and helped us identify the most qualified candidates.”

— Jelte, Hiring Manager, Inclusive Energy

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